Living And Loving Life MP3 Teaching

Living And Loving Life MP3 Teaching

Living And Loving Life hands you the keys to everything you need to love your life.

Let me show you how to find your happiness and magically bring more goodness into your life, improve your relationships and have more energy and abundance.

Waking up every morning feeling your happiness and ready to face the day with positive energy is my gift to you with this program.

Have a love affair with your life! Living and Loving Life will give you simple and practical tools to create your dreams.

– Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator #1 New York Times best-selling series ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’.

“As a person who suffers from mild anxiety, I know all too well the doubts, stress, and worry that many people deal with on a daily basis. I have always searched for ways to create happiness in my life, and let go of the constant worry in order to live a happy, fulfilling life. Lorane’s teachings are the guides I turn to when I need a reminder on how to embrace life, and live in the moment. ‘Living and Loving Life’ focuses on how to redirect your thoughts to the positive when we notice those feelings of negativity creeping in.

You will learn how to focus yourself in the present moment and let worries take a back seat. Lorane helps us understand why we might fall into unhappy and anxious moments, then teaches how to redirect those feelings to the positive to enjoy a life filled with joy and happiness. A fantastic teaching that everyone can benefit from! Thanks, Lorane!”

Bethany Kruska

April 8, 2014

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