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Over the years I have worked with an extraordinary variety of people. Some have been looking for love, some for wealth, others for peace of mind and some are looking for answers to their pain. I have been privileged to help many find their true calling and their purpose in life. All have had one thing in common; they were unhappy. Understanding the Law of Attraction and how to live in the Present Moment has been key to my clients’ success in finding happiness. Moving forward with their lives has always started with happiness. Many have been kind enough to share their stories with me and I have shown a selection below. What I have learned and continue to teach is that it is, Happiness First. Riches will follow…

Testimonial from Santa Barbara Retreat


Just wanted to drop you a line now that I am back at my office.  I had no expectations for our weekend retreat. If anything I was a bit apprehensive thinking, “Oh no, another working weekend workshop”!

But my wonderful wife was presenting me with a gift and if it was from her it just had to be special, and special it was.  I shared the moment with one of the most wonderful groups of people I have ever been with!  Everything was perfect. With everything that has been happening in my world in the past 2 years it is all starting to come together now and you have helped me understand. For this I offer my heartfelt THANKS!!! You are a most wonderful teacher, speaker and just a wonderful, wonderful spirit.


I truly enjoyed sharing a very wonderful experience with yu.  I feel different to say the least since our gathering over the weekend.  I just can’t say enough about how wonderful it was and how great I continue to feel.  It is all about NOW isn’t it?  I thank you for putting together a superb workshop with such amazing people as yourself, Astrid and Betty.  Truly wonderful, wonderful beings of light.



Lorane gets results! Her techniques are highly effective.
Lorane motivates you coaches you & gets you to look deep within yourself
to help you overcome your own roadblocks and draw out your own potential
and she does so in a caring yet no nonsense manner.

C. Lopez

Dear Lorane;

What joy to wake up each morning in Las Vegas to your meditations.

Thank-you for sharing your talents.

I attended your break-out session on manifestation on Saturday afternoon.

You asked me to E-mail my story, so here goes.

In response to the assignment of writing a specific goal, I created the following:

It is August 24, 2002, and I have $2,500 to cover the cost of this trip and more.

I set out that evening for the Strip, and decided to go where I was guided to go.

I stopped at a few casinos and broke even on two different machines that attracted me positively (Elvis, of course being one of them).

I kept hearing Liza Minelli (why not Frank I don’t know) singing New York, New York in the back of my mind.

I thought, if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is, so I headed to the New York, New York casino.

As I walked in, A Rita Rudner machine caught my eye. I broke even after a few plays, but it just didn’t feel right.

I wandered around, searching for the right source, when I heard the chorus of

“Wheel of Fortune,” and I saw the bright spinning wheel. Out of all the shows I have ever watched on T.V., I dislike Wheel of Fortune so much that hearing the first note of the opening chorus will send me running and tripping to the remote to change the channel.

I decided, “this must be the place.”

After a few spins on the wheel, the gentleman sitting at the next machine told me, in an accented voice,

“You must play two coins to win anything,” so I tried that.

After about 10 plays, a spinner appeared on the win line, and when I hit the play button, a huge wheel on top of the machine statrted to spin around. The spinner landed on 125, and the gentleman next to me said, “You just win$125.” I was speechless.

While it wasn’t $2,500, I knew with certainty in my heart at that moment, that I could manifest anything that I set my sights on. What a lesson!

Viva Las Vegas and Viva Lorane! I look forward to seeing you again, in the now of wherever and whenever.

Much Love,



When I first contacted Lorane, I was at my lowest. I couldn’t find the happy and positive person I once was. I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, taking on everyone else’s drama and mess.

Through our work together, Lorane taught me how to care for myself and not resent my situation, myself or my family. I was trying to fix what wasn’t mine to fix, which stirred up feelings that weren’t me.

For the first time in a long time, I feel like myself again, even better than when I was at my happiest before. By taking care of myself, I’m allowing the universe to take care of everything else and it really is magic! I can’t even believe it!

Marissa Meleske

Private Telephone Session Testimonial




I had been searching for months to stabilize my sensitivity and moodiness.  A week before our session I found a nutritional supplement that helped balance me physically, but the emotions were still running the show.  During our session I sensed a profound shift in consciousness.  I instantly moved from past, future thinking to a place where the emotions healed instantly.  It has been three weeks since our session.  Life has changed dramatically.  The sensitivity and emotional up and down swings have passed.  I have a renewed sense of life, and well-being.  Thank you for being there.


“When I heard Lorane’s voice during the Meditation to Manifest the Perfect Partner on Harriette Knight’s Psychic & Healing Hour, I was not aware until it was over, that tears were running down my cheeks. I have never experienced anything so powerful or profound in my entire life. Thank you, Lorane!”

Judy Steinberg

Weekly Workshop Student Testimonial


Hi Lorane:


Great session last night. Thank you.  I’m soooo happy that God lead

me to you.  This process of seriously studying NOW is exactly where I need to be. Even though I’ve been studying the Vedas for about 10 years I really

needed some guidance now.  You’re a great teacher.  Thank you again.


I wanted to share with you from my journal my first day of my shower homework assignment from last week.  I’m a bit shy about my


“The Shower Series”


Day 1


Hurry get in the shower,

my list, think, what is it I have to do?

Wash this, wash that,

my day, my life, that man.

Good I’m almsot done.

Hurry, my list.  OH, jeez, I forgot bliss!

STOP.  Don’t judge, don’t think,

stay present, feel…the spray of water against my skin.

The drops of God waking my soul.

I get the metaphor.

The drops of God waking my soul.

Just be in the NOW, just be.

Feel my body, feel the pain.

Ah, my neck just released.

The joy, the bliss, the power,

the first day of my REAL shower.


Peace and love, Sylva


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