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Bodies of Light by Dr. Lee Vickers

Dr. Lee says “I dare you to have more energy! I dare you to be your best life in every way! I dare you to “open up” to THE unlimited source of “energy” that is there this very second! I dare you to let go of the pain and suffering that you may be experiencing in your life right at this very moment!” A special from Dr Lee for my followers NOW, get Bodies of Light audio program valued at $50.00 for only $24.50

Peace In The Present Moment

Limited Edition PrintsMichele Penn – author, inspirational speaker, artist, award-winning photographer and creator of the book, Peace in the Present Moment with Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie.” I now live every day with gratitude, forgiveness, love, and an attitude of paying it forward. I wasn’t always like this. I was in a verbally abusive marriage for 14 years and couldn’t stand up for myself. I thought because I didn’t have bruises that it wasn’t that bad. But, as everyone who has been where I’ve been knows, it can be just as painful and hard to recover from.” Go here to see Michele’s beautiful art work Peace and Happiness through Floral Photography


Carmen founded TheNewHappyMe on 10-10-2010 and allowed Divine guidance to help her reach out to a wide international audience. Through TheNewHappyMe.com and now through Blog2Heal.com (as a spin-off project) she helps men and women step out of confusion and into focused action for life improvement through blogging.Get Carmen;s powerful book here I Will NOT Forgive: A Surprisingly Spiritual Guide – From Pain, Anger and Resentment to Inner and Outer Peace

Law Of Attraction Audio Affirmations

All LOA Affirmations programs, loaaffirmations.com are high quality mp3 audio download programs and feature audible affirmations tracks and subliminal affirmations tracks. Each program includes meditative music as well as isochronic brainwave frequency stimulation. These frequencies include Alpha and/ or Theta wave



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Bring Beauty into your home

Create a wonderful environment in your home with stunning floral photography from award winning photographer, Michele Penn

Limited Edition Prints

Click here to harness the beauty of flowers to improve your mood and well being.

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