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Welcome to my Happiness Teachings Blog

Here you will find my teachings and video blogs that give you The Secret to the Law of Attraction so you can create the life you want. I cover a range of happiness topics, from A to Z or – Acceptance to Zen and everything in-between. Please feel free to leave a comment below any […]

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Thinking Positive- It doesn’t work!!??

Thinking Positive Is Not Working? I beg to differ, it is working, but are you working it?  Are you really thinking positive, or just thinking positive when it suits you?  Do you do affirmations every now and then?  Do you think more about what you don’t have than what you do have? Do you allow […]

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handle bullying

Handle Bullying- How to Help your Child Cope

Handle Bullying – Are you aware your child is being bullied? Have you had to handle bullying in your life, your child’s life? It seems as if each month we hear terrible stories of the effect bullying has on children. For any parent it is heart breaking to feel that a child would feel so […]

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low self esteem

Low Self Esteem- Overcome it!

Low Self Esteem – A Challenge! Having low self esteem can be devastating. It may be the reason happiness has eluded you so far but it does not have to be that way. You are extraordinary, you just don’t know it right now!  How you see yourself colors the way life looks to you but […]

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Managing Change- Hard time accepting it?

Do you hate the thought of managing change? There are people who live for the moments of change that life brings. They find it exciting to not have the same routine, day in and day out. They love going with the flow and not knowing exactly what the next day might have in store for […]

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Negative Thoughts – How to Turn Them into Positive Thinking

How Do I Change Negative Thoughts to Positive Thoughts? Do you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts? Then, think again! It’s important to realize that thoughts aren’t necessarily  negative  or positive. It is our emotional attachment to and judgment of any thoughts we have that give them a negative or positive feeling and meaning. As human beings, […]

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find your perfect mate

Find Your Perfect Mate

How do you find your perfect mate? How do you go about attracting the perfect match? If love is at the core of every decision you make, you can’t go wrong. As Marianne Williamson famously said there is only love or fear, so it stands to reason that loving yourself and loving life is a […]

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making choices

Making Choices and Feelings of Ambiguity

Making Choices and Dealing With Feelings of Ambiguity Do you struggle making choices? Life is loaded with opportunities. There are always going to be open doors, and where there is no door, there will be a window. It’s no wonder that you’re going to have times when you feel conflicted or you doubt yourself.  You […]

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dealing with anger

Dealing with Anger and the Pain Body

Dealing with anger does not mean ignoring it Dealing with anger is just one of the challenges in life. As humans walking this earth and handling life, every day we will experience a myriad of emotions.  This is simply human nature, but the question is how are we dealing with those emotions? That’s the key.  […]

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