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power of words

Power of Words- To Change Your Life Use Words Positively!

Can the Power of Words Change Your Life? Yes, I believe the power of words can change your life. Words come in many forms. You hear them, you read them and you think them. No matter what form they come in they impact your heart, your mind and your feelings about yourself. Who thought up […]

your brain

Put your brain to work

Use your brain for the Law of Attraction I love it when I can find scientific reasons why the Law of Attraction works.  Even though I am a complete believer. I have seen it work in my life and in the lives of so many of my students and clients however, as a teacher I […]


Valentine’s Day Message- Quotes on Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I woke up this morning filled with gratitude that I have my dear Valentine Harry (my husband of over 34 years) to celebrate with.  I wanted to infuse that beautiful feeling of love and appreciation into my blog and so began doing a bit of research on the meaning of Valentine’s Day. […]


Inner Peace Takes Practice- Learn How Here

Inner Peace, How do I get it? And importantly, how do I keep it? Click to tweet  Most everyone I know has experienced inner peace although fleeting. I also know through personal experience of my own and through coaching hundreds of clients that peace is what we really want.  Peace and happiness that is. I […]


Spirituality Myths Debunked! Understanding Spirituality

What is Spirituality? Before debunking the myths surrounding spirituality we need to get an idea of what is meant by the term “spirituality”.  The word spirituality comes from root words in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek that all mean wind, breath, or air—that which gives life. In the same way as your purpose in life or your relationships or […]

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Positive Parenting Starts With Acceptance

Positive Parenting Means Loving Our Children the Way They Need to be Loved There is much misunderstanding of the positive parenting idea. So, I wanted to approach this from my own perspective. I have spoken before about acceptance being at the heart of how we handle challenging circumstances and certainly raising children can be challenging. […]


Acceptance Means Knowing Some Days the Tide Is Against You!

Acceptance can be hard when you don’t feel like YOU! Ok, so you’re really not a procrastinator, but there are times in your life where you do find yourself procrastinating. This is so much not like you that you find it very disturbing, which only causes you to procrastinate even more.  You are fighting acceptance. […]


Powerful Women- Bitch, Crone or Harlot?

Powerful women can be scary!?! What is it about powerful women that attracts so much dislike? When a man aggressively takes over another company, pulls off a great deal, wins the struggle for leadership, he is praised. A powerful woman does the same she is called a bitch! The times are changing. In a world […]


Anger Issues – 10 steps to heal the pain

Anger Issues? Not me, how dare you accuse me of being angry! Let’s face it, unless you are a Buddhist monk it is likely at some point in your life you have experienced anger issues. Actually, Buddhist monks were mean fighters in the past so I guess that even they are not immune to anger […]

winter blues

Winter Blues – 5 steps to find The Happiness Cure

Winter Blues- we all get them to a certain extent Are you S.A.D? Seasonal Affective Disorder is the medical term for the winter blues and for some people it can be a crippling condition.     http://www.psychologytoday.com/conditions/seasonal-affective-disorder January has to be the hardest month of the year for most of us. All that Christmas cheer disappears […]


Enlightenment and Healing, The Shaman’s, Sorcerers’ & Jungian Way

The Enlightenment Journey The enlightenment journey is long and arduous and it’s been said that’s it’s only necessary once in our lives, or once in our many incarnations.  When we arrive at that place of understanding or knowing, that is when the goal has been realized. This theory has been the catalyst for countless seekers […]

holiday blues

Holiday Blues? Beat Christmas Depression

Are you suffering the holiday blues- Depression during the “Happiest” of Times The holiday blues often strike as we go back to work after a break, but are, for many, worse at Christmas time. Why is this so common during this supposedly most wonderful time of the year?  Is it simply because of the extra demands […]



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Change your Brain- Change Your Life- Dr Michael Cotton

How changing your brain will change your life – Dr Michael Cotton We all want to have a deeper understanding of how our brains work; after all, the brain we are born with is the brain we must use. So it behooves us to understand exactly what this thing in our head does and exactly […]


Welcome to Lorane Gordon’s Guest Bloggers!

This section of my blog is where some great guests give you their ideas on subjects ranging from the after life to setting goals to amazing stories of transformation. I am delighted to welcome their stories and hope that you too will enjoy them. Please show the authors some appreciation by leaving a comment at […]


Does God Control Your Destiny?

Who controls our destiny? Does God control your destiny? The short answer is no—a conclusion that flies in the face of the teachings of the Christian Church and most other organized religions. God does not manipulate the events in your life and He does not interfere with your spiritual journey on Earth. Most religions teach […]


Abundance-What fish know that they don’t teach in medical school…

Mind Body Prescription for Abundance Fascinating and entertaining blog post – courtesy of Dr Kim D’Eramo- originally published on her site http://drkimderamo.com/blog/ Lots of people talk about “abundance” and many people work their butts off to try to get “more” in life…but do you realize, you don’t have to work for it! Your body is naturally […]


I Promise Myself- John Shearer Guest Post

I Promise Myself to laugh as if nobody’s watching, and love as if I’ve never been hurt before. to live as if I were to die tomorrow, and learn as if I were to live forever. to let go of the heavy burden of my past. To turn my wounds into wisdom and my  difficulties […]

This Made Me Think!

This made me think

This Made Me Think!

Welcome to a new series of articles by interesting people I have met, read or studied with! Every now and then I come across something I believe will make a difference in both my life and the lives of my readers. So, I decided to share some of these interesting articles, videos, thoughts and inspirations. […]

purpose in life

6 Great Questions to Find Your Purpose in Life- Steven Aitchison

This is an article reprinted with kind permission from Steven Aitchison- http://www.stevenaitchison.co.uk/blog/6-great-questions-to-find-your-purpose-in-life/ I believe that much of what prevents us from being happy is that we do not feel a sense of purpose- we feel lost and undervalued. This post gives you some important questions to ask yourself about your purpose in life. I hope this […]

Simple Happiness Teachings


Beat Procrastination in 10 steps!

10 Steps to Beat Procrastination & Feel Good About yourself Everyone procrastinates to one degree or another but you can beat procrastination… What you may not realize is that as outstanding tasks mount, you can become resigned, depressed and inactive, BUT it doesn’t have to be this way.  Use these 10 easy steps and finally […]

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Creative Visualization- A guide

Creative Visualization – 10 Fabulous ways to create what you want! 1.  Anyone can do it Many people are under the impression that creative visualization takes a lot of skill and is reserved for athletes that have been trained to visualize by their coaches, or just those who are naturally visual. Those people are good […]

find happiness

How Do I Find Happiness?

Finding happiness isn’t really all that complicated, it’s actually easier than feeling miserable. All the great wisdom teachings have said, in one way or another, it’s not as much what you have, it’s how you think about what you have.  We have all heard stories about the handsome, wildly successful man with a beautiful family, […]

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