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creative thinking

Creative Thinking- 5 techniques to improve visualization

Creative Thinking – How to be a creative thinker Can you learn creative thinking? One of the techniques used in the Law of Attraction is visualization, “seeing” what you want in order to manifest it. Some of my clients get anxious about this process. They feel that all they see and think is gray, uninspired, […]

anger management

Anger Management the Law of Attraction Way

Do you or a loved one have anger management issues? Maybe your response to that question is an indignant, NO! Not me, I don’t have anger management issues, I’m fine thank you, what rubbish! Or maybe you’re thinking, yes I know someone who could do with some anger management lessons, but hey, I don’t get […]

attract what you want energy

Attract what you want, by changing what you are

How do you attract what you want? Plenty of books on the Law of Attraction will tell you “You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are” “Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting.” “We are like magnets – like attract like. You become AND attract what you […]

disempowering thoughts

Disempowering Thoughts – Shift Them Into Empowering Beliefs

Are you experiencing disempowering thoughts? There is plenty of talk about empowering beliefs, the idea that what we believe can change our lives- well the negative side of that also holds true. The problem with talk about having a positive attitude is that it ignores those negative whispering thoughts we carry around in our heads. […]

adventure dreams1

Live Life Fully- Make your mark on the world!

Do you know how to, Live Life Fully, Completely and Happily? Are you living a full life? Now, don’t tell me you are busy, we can all be busy, but busyness is not necessarily the way to live life fully. Filling up your days with “stuff” and meetings and internet surfing and rushing from one […]

attract love

Attract Love the Law of Attraction Way

Attract Love and Enjoy 2016! Do you dread the approach of the holidays? Does the thought of New Year’s fill you with dread? While all around you are celebrating do you feel like the Grinch in the corner, feeling sorry for yourself and alone? Many of my clients, successful happy people feel a misery descend […]

working too hard

Are you working too hard to be happy?

Working too hard and for too long decreases happiness “Those who consistently have to work more become less happy,” Bayer said in a recent press release . People often argue over whether money can buy happiness and research says, yes, it can…BUT not if it is a short term gain. Studies show that if income […]

emotional abuse

Emotional Abuse

Dealing with Emotional Abuse I strive to bring you teachings on being happy, and achieving happiness but I am not unaware that some people are going through some very bad times. It can be extremely difficult to cultivate present moment awareness or attract happiness into your life when life seems full of pain. I have […]


Accept What Is – A Powerful Way to Get What You Want!

Accept that resisting what is does not get you what you want. Acceptance in human psychology is a person’s assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition (often a negative or uncomfortable situation) without attempting to change it, protest. The concept is close in meaning to ‘acquiescence’, derived from the Latin […]

unconscious mind

Unconscious Mind- A Fertile Garden

Your Unconscious Mind is Your Fertile Garden What are you thinking? Because that’s what you create …and it takes some practice to get your unconscious mind under control. The unconscious mind is awesomely powerful but not all that mysterious once you become aware of your hidden thoughts. It’s like your garden. What are you planting? […]

Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer; Author, Friend, Mentor, Inspiration

An amazing man, teacher, counselor, spiritual guru, author, my friend and mentor died last week, August 29th, 2015 at the age of 75. “He died Saturday or early Sunday, his daughter Serena said. A spokeswoman for his publisher, Hay House, said the cause was a heart attack”. My journey with Wayne Dyer… …began the day […]

stuck in negativity

Are you Stuck in the Negativity Trap?

You know those times in life when you’re trapped deeply in negativity, that place where everything seems to be going wrong? And you know how during those times you feel as if you have no ability to change? You can’t hear the inner voice that is always there, you can’t hear your friends encouragement, you […]




Welcome to Lorane Gordon’s Guest Bloggers!

This section of my blog is where some great guests give you their ideas on subjects ranging from the after life to setting goals to amazing stories of transformation. I am delighted to welcome their stories and hope that you too will enjoy them. Please show the authors some appreciation by leaving a comment at […]


Non-Attachment Helps Avoid Emotional Pitfalls – Joe Vulgamore

A Non-Attachment Approach to Avoiding Emotional Drama “Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.” ~Dalai Lama … As social beings, sooner or later we will be exposed to, and possibly subjected to the drama of other people. When we can maintain our social […]


Spirit Animals & Shamanism- Why do spirit animals appear?

Spirit Animals & Shamanism: The Angels of Nature Guide the Way You may know them as power animals, totem animals, animal guides, or spirit animals, but they are all the same. They are animals that play the role of a spiritual guide for you much like the way a guardian angel does. Spirit animals can […]

be happy when

Be Happy When…….Stop putting off your happiness!

How to Stop Saying, “I’ll Be Happy When ________________” Maybe you have said those words yourself. We’ve all been there. But do you know what you’re doing when you say that? You are giving away your happiness to some future event. This was true of my client, Shannon. Read her story and see if you […]


Unforgiveness Costs You- More than you imagine!

Let Go of Unforgiveness- It Costs You! Do you desire more abundance in your life?  Perhaps you spend a lot of time thinking about the experiences as well as things that you currently don’t have.  Maybe you have fallen into the belief that you just don’t deserve to have it all. Have you ever considered […]

angels sparkles

Angels are Around You- Sparkles of Light

Can You See the Angels Around You? I am standing at the end of the aisle in the store. My attention completely captured by the beautiful  statue sitting on the shelf just above my head. If I stand up on my tiptoes, I can see her more clearly, my eyes drawn to every little detail. […]


News Flash: You’re Not Perfect, So Stop Trying to Be!

Stop Trying to be Perfect! Whether you’re a business owner, a spouse, a parent, a friend, or all of the above, I’m willing to bet that sometimes you don’t meet your own expectations in that role. You feel like you’re not living up to who you should be. Here’s a provoking question for you: Who […]


Radical Happiness Tips-Robert Kopecky

Radical Approach to Happiness I happen to have had three near death experiences, and obviously lived to tell about it. Now, I don’t recommend such dramatic means to attain a ‘self-realization’ of a sort; there are probably better ways to go about it. But it was the way I had to go–and I did learn […]

mental health

Managing Emotional Trauma using Law of Attraction

Mental Illness Diagnosis and Law of Attraction  I have been involved in the world of mental “health” for many years, both as a client and as a coach and teacher.  I had suffered a severely traumatic childhood which seriously impaired my ability to function in an emotionally stable manner as an adult.  I ran through […]

brain-blog pic

Change your Brain- Change Your Life- Dr Michael Cotton

How changing your brain will change your life – Dr Michael Cotton We all want to have a deeper understanding of how our brains work; after all, the brain we are born with is the brain we must use. So it behooves us to understand exactly what this thing in our head does and exactly […]


Does God Control Your Destiny?

Who controls our destiny? Does God control your destiny? The short answer is no—a conclusion that flies in the face of the teachings of the Christian Church and most other organized religions. God does not manipulate the events in your life and He does not interfere with your spiritual journey on Earth. Most religions teach […]



handle stress

How to handle stress effectively in 5 powerful ways

Handle Stress NOW! 5 Powerful Ways When you are overwhelmed, tired, anxious and battling life you do not feel you can handle stress at all. You certainly don’t feel as if you have any power! Stress drains you of energy and you make poor judgment calls. So, how do you handle stress powerfully when you […]

teach happiness

5 Ways Kids Teach Happiness

I am always saying happiness is a choice but I also think we can learn happiness! If you are a parent..and even if you are not; there is a universal source of happiness; children! Kids teach happiness by their very existence. They show the rest of us how to be naturally happy and we would do well […]


Love & Relationship Posts


Romantic Love- Accept Change to Find It!

Learn to Accept Change to Find Romantic Love Change #1 to Find Romantic Love Stop thinking of yourself as having a romantic love “type”. Over the years as a coach I can’t tell you the many single women that have come to me who will not give a perfectly good man a chance because he […]


Relationships,The Law of Attraction and Love

Using The Law of Attraction in Relationships and Love Are you attracting the same relationship but with a different face?  In other words do all your love relationships turn out the same way?  Do you feel the same type of disappointment time after time?  Do you feel like you’re running on a treadmill and the […]


Valentine’s Day Message- Quotes on Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I woke up this morning filled with gratitude that I have my dear Valentine Harry (my husband of over 34 years) to celebrate with.  I wanted to infuse that beautiful feeling of love and appreciation into my blog and so began doing a bit of research on the meaning of Valentine’s Day. […]


True Love is not in your life- Here’s Why

5 Reasons that true love is eluding you Do you believe in true love or do you think it is something everyone else seems to have except you?  You need to realize that your thoughts on true love determine the kind of love you will experience.So, why aren’t you enjoying true love? Let’s look at […]

all you need is love

All You Need is Love

Is it possible that all you need is love? I’m sure it was said before, but my first memory of that statement was by The Beatles in John Lennon’s song All you Need is Love.  Did any of us know what that really meant?  It sounded good, but was it possible that all you really […]

Simple Happiness Teachings


Beat Procrastination in 10 steps!

10 Steps to Beat Procrastination & Feel Good About yourself Everyone procrastinates to one degree or another but you can beat procrastination… What you may not realize is that as outstanding tasks mount, you can become resigned, depressed and inactive, BUT it doesn’t have to be this way.  Use these 10 easy steps and finally […]

ringspiralbinder (2)

Creative Visualization- A guide

Creative Visualization – 10 Fabulous ways to create what you want! 1.  Anyone can do it Many people are under the impression that creative visualization takes a lot of skill and is reserved for athletes that have been trained to visualize by their coaches, or just those who are naturally visual. Those people are good […]

find happiness

How Do I Find Happiness?

Finding happiness isn’t really all that complicated, it’s actually easier than feeling miserable. All the great wisdom teachings have said, in one way or another, it’s not as much what you have, it’s how you think about what you have.  We have all heard stories about the handsome, wildly successful man with a beautiful family, […]

This Made Me Think!

This made me think

This Made Me Think!

Welcome to a new series of articles by interesting people I have met, read or studied with! Every now and then I come across something I believe will make a difference in both my life and the lives of my readers. So, I decided to share some of these interesting articles, videos, thoughts and inspirations. […]

purpose in life

6 Great Questions to Find Your Purpose in Life- Steven Aitchison

This is an article reprinted with kind permission from Steven Aitchison- http://www.stevenaitchison.co.uk/blog/6-great-questions-to-find-your-purpose-in-life/ I believe that much of what prevents us from being happy is that we do not feel a sense of purpose- we feel lost and undervalued. This post gives you some important questions to ask yourself about your purpose in life. I hope this […]

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