Love me love my dogs!

Love me love my dogs!

My dogs have great taste! They echo my love for my dear friend Michele Penn of Peace in the Present Moment  – headerfor newsletter

It pleases me that she loves them too. Love me, love my dogs 

Dogs 1, Furniture 0!

Dogs 1, Furniture 0!

How can you get upset when your dog looks this adorable on the furniture?

Personally I have more joy, fun and amusement watching his adorable antics even though my furniture is a bit worse for the wear. My values tell me one is more meaningful to me than the other. My dogs mean more than material posessions. Thats just the way it is. I do try to strike a happy medium though!

Family Wedding

Family Wedding

I totally enjoyed an out of the norm wedding I attended with Harry & Cam. The_Love_of_Zero,_35mm_film_Robert_Florey1928 The couple chose an avant-garde ceremony and even passed around their wedding rings to be blessed by everyone in attendance. To me this was so special and I loved taking a ceremonious moment to intend for them health, happiness and beautiful children.  It was an honor.

Goodwill-a lesson

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAToday I brought some discarded items to the goodwill. 

An obviously down on his luck man was manning the drop off.  Happy though I was to see this man getting a paycheck I found myself mildly annoyed when he didn’t say thank you or offer me a receipt for the pile of goods I gave. 

Then of course I found myself mildly annoyed at myself for my reaction. 

Everything’s a lesson, even when doing a good deed. Can’t get away from it.

Baxters shots- round two

Today I took lil Baxter for his second set of puppy shots. He didn’t notice the shot, but loudly complained while being violated by a veterinary-178636_640technician wielding a thermometer.  Pour little guy slept like a rag doll all the way home and most of the afternoon.  He’s having a bit of a reaction to the medicine, but that’s pretty normal. 

Sleeping Baxter, although pitiful is a lot easier than playful Baxter!

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