Unforgiveness Costs You- More than you imagine!

Let Go of Unforgiveness- It Costs You!

Do you desire more abundance in your life?  Perhaps you spend a lot of time thinking about the experiences as well as things that you currently don’t have.  Maybe you have fallen into the belief that you just don’t deserve to have it all.

Have you ever considered that holding on to anger, grudges and old wounds could be standing in between you and your abundant life?

The Effects of Unforgiveness

Our inner state of resentment and anger can block the beautiful energy of abundance. For many people unforgiveness shows up as depression, physical health problems, financial and spiritual lack.  Others may experience unfulfilled relationships, both romantic and interpersonal. Bitterness and self loathing are also common ways that unforgiveness shows up. As a matter of fact, many spiritual leaders refer to unforgiveness as poison to the spirit.  In essence, unforgiveness has the potential of keeping you locked in the perpetual cycle of lack.

Forgive Your Way to Abundance

Our inner state of consciousness influences our outer experiences of abundance.  Before abundance shows up in your physical world, it is first a feeling.  Aligning yourself with abundance requires you to generate good feelings about the things that you desire to Be, Enjoy and Do. And the quickest way to step into the energy of abundance is to forgive.  Forgive yourself and forgive others.  Family, bosses, bullies, your partner, forgive them all. Forgiveness allows you to experience life from an abundant perspective. It frees you from the mental heaviness of carrying actions from the past into your day to day life.

Reframing Your Experience

Here’s a journal exercise for starting the process of unraveling old hurts and creating a new experience with unforgiveness.  Simply take a few minutes and surface up the answers to the following questions.  Remember, first thought is best thought.  Don’t censor your responses and simply go with what comes up for you.


  • Which woman in your life needs your forgiveness?
  • Which woman in your life are you holding a grudge against?
  • Who do you harbor jealous feelings against?
  • Who do you feel manipulated by in some way?
  • Who do you not trust?
  • In your opinion is there a woman in your life that appears weak?


What did you come up?  Are there any patterns?  What are you feeling in your body? Can you immediately see how you’ve been holding on to emotions that have kept you trapped in unforgiveness?


Deepen Your Results by Using EFT

Our old hurts, anger, and pain are not stored in our heads. They are stored in our body, cellular memory, and subconscious mind. Therefore, it is does not help much to talk about our pain, if we want to feel better, permanently. We need a body-based technique to release this pain on a cellular level for good.

Here is where Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT comes in. EFT or tapping is based on the ancient eastern tradition of acupuncture, but we use our fingertips to gently tap and stimulate certain meridian points, instead of needles.  We tune mentally and emotionally into a limiting belief, emotion or even an entire experience.

Tapping, also called, energy psychology, has been proven effective in thousands of case studies and clinical studies over the past 20+ years. EFT is a mind-body technique that allows us to do two major things in order to experience transformation.

It allows us to access our subconscious mind and the tapping helps us to turn down the fight or flight or stress response in our body. This is very important to know because neuroscience shows us that our subconscious mind and its programming determines our daily life experience for more than 90%.

Your beliefs, memories and automatic behavior are stored in your subconscious mind. This is important knowledge when we want to delete our unforgiveness, limiting beliefs and old paradigms  to success, abundance, and money.

Where are You Today?

Do you see how remaining in the energy of unforgiveness is blocking you from receiving the abundance that you would like to have in your life?

Take the first step in fully claiming a divine relationship with money so you can live the life you truly desire.  Visit www.eftforsixfigures.com to access our complimentary video tapping session and discover how using EFT can help you receive more money.

Meet Jeanine Crombé

Women come to Jeanine when they want to have it all. They want freedom,  time, health, beauty, and a life of authentic vision. They are sick of struggling so hard, pushing like a man, and they want to create a successful life in a feminine way.
At least once a week, one of her clients tells her, she is the ‘Angel of Hope’. Her success rate is over 90% for the last 13 years….

Read Lorane’s post on EFT Therapy and listen to her radio interview  with Jeanine




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