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inspirational people

5 Inspirational People and Their Thoughts

Inspirational People Feel the Fear But Do It Anyway Who do you feel are inspirational people? Maybe the answer is not to be found in movies or books or tales of heroism but closer to home? Your mother, father, sister, brother, teacher, pastor, next door neighbor may be the person who inspired you to change […]

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positive thinking

Positive thinking creates positive results

The power of thought and positive thinking We are often encouraged to adopt positive thinking, but do you really understand why this is so important? Your thoughts are extremely powerful and even more so when they’re habitual and have strong emotion attached to them. Once you understand that your thoughts are as powerful as a […]

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all you need is love

All You Need is Love

Is it possible that all you need is love? I’m sure it was said before, but my first memory of that statement was by The Beatles in John Lennon’s song All you Need is Love.  Did any of us know what that really meant?  It sounded good, but was it possible that all you really […]

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