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how to relieve stress

How to Relieve Stress the Law of Attraction Way

How to Relieve Stress Using Law of Attraction Techniques For most of us it is Summer and as the temperature rises so do our stress levels! Ask any police officer their busiest time of year and, apart from the craziness that is Christmas, they will answer; Summertime! In the heat our own core temperature rises […]

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Live in the Now

Live in the Now What’s in the past is gone and you cannot bring it back or change it. Your future is unknown, so there is absolutely no reason to anticipate problems and worry about them. Five minutes from now is still a new now, so it makes sense to live in the now. Experience […]

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the secret

The Secret to Getting What You Want

The Number ONE Secret to Getting What You Want, is to notice where your putting your attention. The old saying “What you put your attention on grows” is the truth.  It’s a Law of Attraction fact that you get more of whatever your putting your attention on and giving emotion to.  Is it possible that you’re […]

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Get Clear on Your Goals

Getting Clear on Your Goals is a Must for Success  If you don’t know where you’re going how are you going to get there? Most of us have heard of the surveys and studies that confirm people who get clear on their goals and write it down are far more successful than those who don’t.  […]

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Yes, You Do Have a Pain Body

The following is a complete explanation on The Pain Body by Eckhart Tolle author of The Power of Now There is such a thing as old emotional pain living inside you. It is an accumulation of painful life experience that was not fully faced and accepted in the moment it arose. It leaves behind an […]

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