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5 ways to avoid end of the world thinking!

End of the world thinking is bad for you! Do you worry about the end of the world? Are you one of the 22% of Americans who believe the world will end in their lifetime? ( Reuters poll May 2012). Did you get yourself ready in your underground bunker on December 20th 2012 only to […]

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Negative Thoughts – How to Turn Them into Positive Thinking

How Do I Change Negative Thoughts to Positive Thoughts? Do you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts? Then, think again! It’s important to realize that thoughts aren’t necessarily  negative  or positive. It is our emotional attachment to and judgment of any thoughts we have that give them a negative or positive feeling and meaning. As human beings, […]

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Negative Thoughts- 10 Ways to Stop Them!

10 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking and Negative Thoughts Would you consider yourself a negative thinker?  You know, be honest with yourself. Are you the glass is half empty type? Is your head full of negative thoughts? Do you take a small event and over generalize it? For example you’re a single guy and you […]

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