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intuition and fear

Intuition, Is It More Powerful Than Intellect?

Does intuition trump intellect? Steve Jobs thinks so! How often have you felt something and just known it to be true? Do you trust your intuition? You couldn’t explain why, but you feel it deep in your gut.  The more important question is how often have you ignored that knowing little voice because it just […]

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Your Energy Field- Tap Into Your Intuition

Your Energy Field Tells Your Secrets   Your energy field exists even though you cannot see it. Einstein said Energy is matter and matter is energy, so why would so many not believe in energy medicine? Why do people scoff at certain people’s ability to actually read our bodies energy and help to facilitate healing?  […]

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Inner Psychic Intuition- Listen and Trust It!

Listen to your inner psychic and trust your intuition You do know, even if you don’t know that you know; but you know! Ever had that feeling?  That’s your inner psychic talking. Yes, deep within you and within all of us is that little voice that knows everything.  It’s so very quiet though you think […]

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