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working too hard

Are you working too hard to be happy?

Working too hard and for too long decreases happiness “Those who consistently have to work more become less happy,” Bayer said in a recent press release . People often argue over whether money can buy happiness and research says, yes, it can…BUT not if it is a short term gain. Studies show that if income […]

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happiness is a choice sun

Happiness is a Choice! You can choose happiness

If Happiness is a Choice How do you Choose IT? Maybe you have heard this before; Happiness is a choice, and it makes you mad! You say to yourself, “if happiness is a choice then why are so many people unhappy?” Seriously, “I’m miserable and I hate it..surely you are not saying I am choosing […]

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Accepting What Is – Create What you Want

Accepting what is helps you get what you want. I’ll tell you why.  Have you ever wondered what motivates you to want the things you want?  Perhaps your desires are similar to what your parents wanted or wanted for you.  Maybe your desires aren’t anything like those of your parents, but a product of a […]

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Gratitude Fuels The Law of Attraction

 Does gratitude fuel the Law of Attraction? Most of you reading this are somewhat familiar with the Law of Attraction. Even if you’re not it stands to reason that it’s referencing a universal law. That something acts like a magnet and attracts. But what and why and how does that actually work? There is an […]

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living in the now

Living In The Moment

Living in the moment & how it changed my life. Living in the present moment will change your life too, and change it for the better.  As some of you know I have always considered myself a major manifestor.  Much of my life has been devoted to creating the future of my imagination and I’ve […]

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