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Panic Attacks Help- How to Stop Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks – Spot Them – Accept Them Strange as it may sound the secret to getting over panic attacks in the easiest and quickest manner is acceptance.  When we learn to accept “what is”, regardless if we like it or not, the fight against it stops.   The energy we are putting out not wanting it […]

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living in the now

Living In The Moment

Living in the moment & how it changed my life. Living in the present moment will change your life too, and change it for the better.  As some of you know I have always considered myself a major manifestor.  Much of my life has been devoted to creating the future of my imagination and I’ve […]

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quiet your mind

To be Mindful Take Leave of Your Mind

In order to be mindful, leave your mind out of it! What does being mindful really mean? It’s about being aware; aware of everything that is going on within and without. When we’re mindful we experience the color of the sky, the green of the grass. We really see the blossoming of nature and smell the fragrance in […]

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Accepting Change-Will Change Your Life

Accept Change, It’s Gonna Happen! Why does even the idea of change strike fear into most of us? Many of us want our lives to change, yet even with that knowledge when something threatens to change we tense up and fight accepting change and instead want things to remain the same. How many times do […]

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