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Christmas happiness

Christmas Happiness, Magic, Myth or Mayhem

Christmas happiness can be yours Christmas happiness is sometimes shown as chocolate box pretty, snow globe perfection as if you can capture magic and preserve it in glass. For many, Christmas can be a painful time of year, for others it feels like barely controlled mayhem! It is more than possible to experience true Christmas happiness […]

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anger management

Anger Management the Law of Attraction Way

Do you or a loved one have anger management issues? Maybe your response to that question is an indignant, NO! Not me, I don’t have anger management issues, I’m fine thank you, what rubbish! Or maybe you’re thinking, yes I know someone who could do with some anger management lessons, but hey, I don’t get […]

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working too hard

Are you working too hard to be happy?

Working too hard and for too long decreases happiness “Those who consistently have to work more become less happy,” Bayer said in a recent press release . People often argue over whether money can buy happiness and research says, yes, it can…BUT not if it is a short term gain. Studies show that if income […]

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being happy

Being Happy, 133 Ways to Be Happy!

Being Happy Advice From Around the World I am always being asked, is there a trick to being happy? I’m asked because I am a happy person; I know what to do when I feel down and I choose happiness as the way I want to live my life. So, no there is no trick […]

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