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emotional abuse

Emotional Abuse

Dealing with Emotional Abuse I strive to bring you teachings on being happy, and achieving happiness but I am not unaware that some people are going through some very bad times. It can be extremely difficult to cultivate present moment awareness or attract happiness into your life when life seems full of pain. I have […]


Accept What Is – A Powerful Way to Get What You Want!

Accept that resisting what is does not get you what you want. Acceptance in human psychology is a person’s assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition (often a negative or uncomfortable situation) without attempting to change it, protest. The concept is close in meaning to ‘acquiescence’, derived from the Latin […]

unconscious mind

Unconscious Mind- A Fertile Garden

Your Unconscious Mind is Your Fertile Garden What are you thinking? Because that’s what you create …and it takes some practice to get your unconscious mind under control. The unconscious mind is awesomely powerful but not all that mysterious once you become aware of your hidden thoughts. It’s like your garden. What are you planting? […]

Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer; Author, Friend, Mentor, Inspiration

An amazing man, teacher, counselor, spiritual guru, author, my friend and mentor died last week, August 29th, 2015 at the age of 75. “He died Saturday or early Sunday, his daughter Serena said. A spokeswoman for his publisher, Hay House, said the cause was a heart attack”. My journey with Wayne Dyer… …began the day […]

stuck in negativity

Are you Stuck in the Negativity Trap?

You know those times in life when you’re trapped deeply in negativity, that place where everything seems to be going wrong? And you know how during those times you feel as if you have no ability to change? You can’t hear the inner voice that is always there, you can’t hear your friends encouragement, you […]

happiness quotes joy

Happiness Quotes To Bring a Smile to Your Face

Happiness Quotes – We could all do with some inspiration sometimes! Just because I am a Law of Attraction and Happiness expert doesn’t mean I spend every waking moment with a smile on my face! I have days when things go wrong and days when I feel a bit blue or down. However, I know […]

being happy

Being Happy, 133 Ways to Be Happy!

Being Happy Advice From Around the World I am always being asked, is there a trick to being happy? I’m asked because I am a happy person; I know what to do when I feel down and I choose happiness as the way I want to live my life. So, no there is no trick […]

encouraging words from the heart

Encouraging Words for Those Struggling with Life

Are You Struggling Right Now? Here are Some Encouraging Words! Need some encouraging words at the moment? Some calming, cheer you up words from a good friend? Every now and then life throws us a curve ball; often just as we feel like we are getting back on our feet. These setbacks can come when […]

find true love

Find True Love and Romantic Happiness, 3 simple steps

Find true love without searching! Really??? You know that saying, “if you keep searching for love you’ll never find it”? So, you’re supposed to just carry on with life and hope that Mr or Miss Right will just show up? So, there you are in your comfie PJ’s curled up watching Desperate Housewives with a […]


Chasing Rainbows…Living your life with passion and purpose

Are you always chasing rainbows? Is chasing rainbows a negative or positive thing?  The definition of this phrase is, “…trying to achieve something that is not possible or practical” http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/chasing+rainbows So, what is the difference between chasing rainbows and having dreams? Do we have to live so rooted in the practical and possible that we […]

stay strong

Stay Strong in the Face of a Crisis- Learn How

How to stay strong when all is crashing down around you! Let’s face it, we all have our bad days, some are better than others, some worse. How do you cope when your bad days becomes weeks, months, years? When crisis after crisis seems to be piling up and you feel you just cannot handle […]

how to relieve stress

How to Relieve Stress the Law of Attraction Way

How to Relieve Stress Using Law of Attraction Techniques For most of us it is Summer and as the temperature rises so do our stress levels! Ask any police officer their busiest time of year and, apart from the craziness that is Christmas, they will answer; Summertime! In the heat our own core temperature rises […]




Abundance-What fish know that they don’t teach in medical school…

Mind Body Prescription for Abundance Fascinating and entertaining blog post – courtesy of Dr Kim D’Eramo- originally published on her site http://drkimderamo.com/blog/ Lots of people talk about “abundance” and many people work their butts off to try to get “more” in life…but do you realize, you don’t have to work for it! Your body is naturally […]


I Promise Myself- John Shearer Guest Post

I Promise Myself to laugh as if nobody’s watching, and love as if I’ve never been hurt before. to live as if I were to die tomorrow, and learn as if I were to live forever. to let go of the heavy burden of my past. To turn my wounds into wisdom and my  difficulties […]


3 Law of Attraction Myths – Common Misunderstandings

3 Common Misunderstandings about the Law of Attraction Have you stumbled across information about law of attraction and are needing more pieces of the puzzle? Are you having some trouble gaining traction with your attraction efforts? Feeling like the concept is simple, but the actual manifesting doesn’t feel so easy? If so, you’re not alone. […]

addiction rollercoaster

My Addiction, My Salvation, My Recovery

Coming to terms with addiction I cannot believe how much I hated it. I detested this thing that had subtly seized my mind from a very young age and was still today successfully robbing my joy, my choice, and most importantly for me, my freedom. It took me years to not just name this thing […]


New Year Resolutions- A Happy Spin

Happiness Goals for New Year resolutions Your New Year resolutions present an opportunity to add more joy and generosity to your life. In fact, it’s not too ambitious to claim that your choice will even add to the happiness of the world! The happiness of others begins with your happiness. And you can achieve this […]

having a bad day

Having a Bad Day? Change your attitude!

Are you having a bad day? Having a bad day? We have all had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong. You crawl out of bed and for no particular reason you’re in a sour mood. Right off the bat your morning is beginning with negative energy. As the day continues you […]

NM pic1editFB

It’s All a Matter of Perspective. ~ Nadya Melton

Christmas in Russia- My Perspective It’s New Year’s Eve… I am so excited to wake up early in the morning and run to the Christmas tree to see what Grandfather Frost (Russian Santa Claus) brought for my sister and me. I remember one year specifically we were so excited because we each got 2 mandarin […]


Forgive and Forget? I can’t, it hurts too much!

When the pain is so great can you forgive and forget? Forgive and Forget you are told. Forgiveness. A word so mainstream today that you would think there is no other way to turn the page on pain, anger and resentment. James Baldwin Ten years ago, on June 19, my life came crashing down. Marriage […]

PIPM COVER to book

Floral Art Photography and How Flowers Awakened Me

GUEST BLOG POST FROM: Michele Penn, Peace in the Present Moment The Power of Flowers and Floral Art Photography Flowers evoke a universal feeling in all of us – a feeling of beauty, peace, joy and even sensuality.  In addition, flowers also bring energy, grace and a sense of innocence.  All of this from flowers? […]



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