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Happiness Quotes To Bring a Smile to Your Face

Happiness Quotes – We could all do with some inspiration sometimes!

Just because I am a Law of Attraction and Happiness expert doesn’t mean I spend every waking moment with a smile on my face! I have days when things go wrong and days when I feel a bit blue or down. However, I know I can always bring myself back to a happy place and often I find inspiration from others. One of my sources of smiles are happiness quotes from other people who understand how important happiness is to well being,  I do believe that if you can change your energy field to one of happiness you attract good things into your life.

Sometimes we all need a little help in finding happiness and I am currently working on bringing my teachings to more people in as simple a way as possible. My mission in life, my purpose, is to help as many of you as I can to be able to choose happiness and bring your hearts desires into your life.

I know not everyone is able to take up the option of having a personal coach, though I must say I do believe it to be very effective. I have had a number of coaches and teachers in my own life and it is still one of my most favorite ways to help people. However, I have also gained a great deal from experts online training and in this digital age more and more really good lessons can be learned from online courses. So, at the moment, I am creating an online course so that more people can learn my Law of Attraction teachings.

I thought I would share with you some of the happiness quotes that help me when I am feeling less than cheerful.

Happiness Quotes – Choosing Happiness

The first step in being happy is knowing that you can choose happiness- you have that power.

Happiness quotes about choosing happiness often focus on our state of mind- and the difficulty for many is that if we are feeling miserable how on earth can we choose happiness?


How do you make up your mind to be happy? Happiness quotes can inspire but do not always give us answers!

When I teach choosing happiness it is connected to other Law of Attraction techniques that help shift your energy field to a more positive one. For many, the source of unhappiness is feeling they are not living their true purpose. It may be a sense that somehow what you are doing with your life leaves you feeling dissatisfied, disconnected. You cannot always identify why you feel unhappy, just that you feel unfulfilled. Spending time discovering your purpose is time well spent and will help you to move towards happiness being a natural choice. However, if you do not enjoy the journey to discovering your purpose you are also missing out on happiness along the way. One of my favorite teachers of Law of Attraction is Wayne Dyer and his quote sums up this idea very well.

Happiness quotes about the present moment

I am always saying that living in the present moment is an important part of being able to choose happiness and attract your hearts’ desires.


If you keep regretting the past or worrying about the future you miss the wonderful things happening in the present. Making plans is fine, we all need to plan, but not at the expense of seeing and enjoying what is in the now. My dear friend Michele Penn has some inspiring and beautiful pictures and happiness quotes on present moment awareness.


My teachings show you how by living in the present moment, choosing happiness and discovering your purpose you can use Law of Attraction techniques to create a happy life for you and those you love. There is more to happiness than simply deciding to be happy if you want to bring into your life all you desire. However, choosing happiness is your starting point.

I will share more techniques for happiness and happiness quotes in my next post. I would love to know your own favorite happiness quotes- please share them in the comments box below!

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