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Managing Emotional Trauma using Law of Attraction

Mental Illness Diagnosis and Law of Attraction 

I have been involved in the world of mental “health” for many years, both as a client and as a coach and teacher.  I had suffered a severely traumatic childhood which seriously impaired my ability to function in an emotionally stable manner as an adult.  I ran through life for years and decades in a desperate panic trying to make things work for me with a mind full of extreme negative thinking with the resulting emotions and behaviors. The process of seeing psychiatrists and therapists seeking not just change but transformation was a road littered with frustration and resignation.

My own journey through emotional trauma

In my own journey towards a life that is fulfilling I found skills and tools that help me clear the emotional trauma and manage my emotions better and Law of Attraction is one of them.  I was lucky to be introduced to the concept much earlier in life because I moved from the Old South to Southern California way back when.  A whole new world! Everyone knows they get to try it out first and if it’s good it heads East toward the rest of us.   Another reason I was lucky is that I was always open to listening to things that just made sense to me and trusted that the people sharing their experiences were genuine.

I thought OK, if it works for them, then it has to work for me.  At the time, I had just become involved in a business and there was an opportunity to go on a trip to Hawaii with the company.  The challenge was that I only had 1 month to produce volume that seemed impossible and had taken the others that were going all year in a lot of cases.  I decided to test this law so every morning I sat in silence and brought forth the very real movie in my mind of going to the airport and getting on that plane to Hawaii.  I pictured and felt everything I could.  Getting in my seat next to a fellow distributor, the flight attendants and mostly I felt the excitement of making it and so on.  Still, it was impossible to make that volume but I didn’t think about that.  One day, I got a call from my up line master distributor and she said, “I still get paid no matter where in my line the order comes from.  I am ordering my supply under you.”  It was completely unsolicited.   That got me on the trip and I didn’t even do the volume. 

That was so exciting for me and yet, because I had suffered from and not healed my intense emotional trauma, I kept going back to the negative emotional places that kept me stuck.  The feelings of low self-worth that no trips or any other “thing” I wanted were going to fix.  I wanted more than anything to feel like I was a “normal” person who didn’t go down the tubes because of a setback.   I wanted a more can do attitude and resilience to help me through the inevitable road blocks and life altering events.  I wanted to silence or at least turn down the volume of the emotional trauma induced harsh and crippling critical voice inside my head so I could hear the calling of my soul and authentic self.  Could I use the Law of Attraction to achieve this?  If I could attract trips, parking spaces and items of desire, could  I attract higher self- esteem and a healthier emotional state?

Visualizing a better way – out of emotional trauma

The answer to that is a hearty YES!  If I conjure up the picture and attach it to the emotions of feeling calm and empowered, of seeing myself as a person who has released the shackles of the past to break through to a new life. If I can put a positive frame around all of the things that I have believed were devastating to my life and if I know that I can start today, and in this moment, to commit to taking control of my mind, thoughts, feelings and thus behaviors; I can manifest a healthy view of myself, others and my life. A view that puts me in calm knowing that I am safe and happy!  As I have learned more through people like Lorane Gordon, and use her work consistently, I am starting to feel a much healthier sense of self-worth.  I spend time saying the things I want to believe about myself.  I am capable, I am emotionally healthy, I am more than worthy of love.  I wallow and marinate and get all wiggly rolling around in the feeling of the “Yaay me, I am fabulous” feeling.  Over time, I am starting to notice that the sense of shame and isolation I have felt due to my trauma is melting away to reveal this empowered woman who has so much to give!

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