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Creative Thinking- 5 techniques to improve visualization

Creative Thinking – How to be a creative thinker

Can you learn creative thinking? One of the techniques used in the Law of Attraction is visualization, “seeing” what you want in order to manifest it. Some of my clients get anxious about this process. They feel that all they see and think is gray, uninspired, their current life, not what they want to bring into their lives. Inside they have all these ideas but they cannot seem to “bring them to mind”. I teach them that everything that “IS” started as a thought (listen to my radio show on the topic) and they simply need to learn how to manage their thoughts.

Sometimes this takes work and perhaps you feel the same way? Creative thinking is not reserved for artists and musicians. We are all capable of creative thinking it is just a part of our brain we need to activate. Our brains are amazing, they hold such power and we use so little of this power. However, the brain is a muscle like any in our body and needs exercising.

Some Creative Thinking exercises for you to try

If you want to release the creative thinking part of your brain and start creating your life through thought I have some ideas for you to try.

  1. Go on a nature trip. Now, this doesn’t mean just take your dog for a walk- it requires observation. Take a look at the trees near your home or in your local park. I love trees they fascinate me.

Look at this picture- see the shapes the leaves create through the sunrise- can you see any other images- or ideas? I see one branch leaning towards another as if whispering in its ear- creative thinking- looking beyond a picture and seeing something else.

How about looking very closely at the fruit of this tree- see the texture, the color the shape?
50 shades of flowers
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My dear friend Michele Penn takes photographs of flowers, really close up pictures that reveal more about flower’s beauty than a passing glance. When you look very closely at nature it makes you think differently about what you usually see, creative thinking.

2. Listen to classical music or rock! Now maybe you are not a fan of classical music, but actually find yourself enjoying some film scores and appreciate how they add another layer to the movie you are watching? There have been many studies on the power of music to trigger creative thinking and also how music may help the brain to learn more. There is no doubt that music has a powerful influence on the brain and we all have preferences as to music we enjoy. I am suggesting that you listen to music that is different from your usual choices, be that jazz or hip hop. Why? Well, to stimulate your creative thinking you need to engage more parts of your brain and trigger a different reaction to normal everyday uncreative life.

See the impact of music on your brain in the picture below

If you can engage more areas of your brain then your creative thinking ability will also increase.

3. Meditation helps creative thinking. Sometimes our brains are just too full of negative thoughts or the day to day thinking in order to be creative. If you are worrying about getting a meal ready, collecting the children, fixing the car you are unlikely to be feeling very creative. In order to help you manage your thoughts you need to give your brain some space to breathe. Meditation is a really good way to allow those chattering thoughts to subside and create a peaceful moment. Try my meditation audios to help you with this. By allowing your thoughts some calm you can create beautiful visualizations and release your creative thinking.

4. Exercise and movement. My favorite form of movement is dancing- that way I combine the power of movement and music. We all know exercise is good for us, but we often don’t find the time to do it. How does exercise help creative thinking? Two ways; one if you are focused on a complex routine it actually frees the creative part of your mind. The other way is that the feel good endorphins you release when you exercise trigger positive thoughts. Plus, the increased oxygen to your brain is good for your mental sharpness.

5. And now for something completely different…trying a creative hobby, like painting, sewing, crafting, gardening, writing…even if you really feel you are no good at it- still triggers creative thinking. NOBODY has to see your efforts, you are not suddenly going to mount an art exhibition. You are using parts of the brain you have shut off- perhaps because of embarrassment, or past experiences. That part of the brain is linked to your overall creativity and is starving right now! You never know, you may discover you truly enjoy releasing this creative part of you, but it does not have to be “perfect”. Trying to be perfect is bad for creative thinking- you are allowed to make mistakes, because that way you look at things from a different angle.

The next time you are trying to use visualization- take a few moments to prepare your mind. Try one or more of the exercises above to release your creative thinking. I promise you, your visualizations will come more easily and the possibilities will expand.







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  1. Lynne December 21, 2015 at 2:43 PM #

    One has to learn to become a creative thinker in order to be able to visualize which is a key to achieving one’s goals and dreams…follow her advise…Two thumbs up!!!

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