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Coping With Anxiety- The Law of Attraction Way!

Coping with Anxiety – A Different Way

Ever had one of those moments when, for no apparent reason, your heart starts racing and you feel a wave of anxiety sweep over you? Imagine coping with anxiety, panic attacks and feeling out of control EVERY day??!! Sadly, there are a lot of people suffering and not coping with anxiety, not managing it, every week and sometimes every day of their lives.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older (18% of U.S. population)…….Anxiety disorders develop from a complex set of risk factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events.


There is a lot of literature about coping with anxiety and doctors are very busy prescribing a range of anxiety medications across the world. If it is such a prevalent condition shouldn’t there be a proven way of coping with anxiety? Well, there are a lot of ways, some better than others and some “anxiety cures” should just be tossed!  Most of these cures, pills and methods of coping with anxiety are aimed at managing the symptoms- dealing with an anxiety attack as it happens. Yes, coping with anxiety must include some techniques to deal with a panic attack when it hits. However, most anxiety sufferers long for the day when they just don’t have the attacks at all!

Is life about coping with anxiety? Are we born anxious?

There are some mothers who refer to their babies as “fussy” and anxious and when they do I want to shout- NO!!! Babies are born with a very simple focus- feed me, change me, keep me warm, love me- make me the center of your universe. In return I will burrow deep into your heart and you will always want to protect me. Fussy babies are responding to their parent’s anxiety- and let’s face it- having a baby can be an anxious affair. You worry about them, you want to keep them safe- but babies are a lot tougher than you realize.

They do, however, feed off your emot

ions- so if you are coping with anxiety and a baby, the baby certainly will pick up that negative anxious energy.

Being anxious about parenthood is normal….being constantly anxious and fearful you are failing as a parent and finding everything difficult is not. Coping with anxiety is natural when it has a specific focus- such as moving into a new house, taking tests, getting married/divorced/pregnant…life’s big issues cause anxiety in the calmest of people. It is not a natural state of affairs when you feel anxious about everything, all the time.

Life does not have to be about coping with anxiety.  Life certainly can and usually is a lot  about facing challenges- BUT, I teach, that life is about being happy! Happiness first, life follows, and bumps in the road that may cause anxiety is much easier to handle when you are happy. So, are you struggling with anxiety or just facing a bit of a bump in the road?

Coping with anxiety disorders can make life miserable and cripple you emotionally

For those who find life in general an uphill struggle- a panic attack is the body’s way of saying- “Watch out- something is very wrong.” For those who thought their life was pretty good, an anxiety attack can come as a terrible shock. They may not even recognize it as such- they may be in denial. Either way, the body is pretty smart. It knows you need to do something about your life so it sends you a warning.  Unless you then change your life, respond to that warning- the attacks will continue.

Coping with anxiety means you’re accepting that it’s just part of your life, so you handle it. Surely a better approach is, stopping the anxiety, getting rid of the attacks? Let us look at how the principles of the Law of Attraction can be applied to coping with anxiety.

The Law of Attraction, Happiness and Coping with Anxiety.

Step 1 in any advice on handling a panic or anxiety attack is always – notice your breathing- take very deep slow breaths. I would say, in my experience, that a huge number of people have absolutely no idea how to breathe properly!! That sounds crazy, yes? Of course we all breathe, but learning deep belly breathing techniques BEFORE you have an attack is a good idea. This is far more than a calming breath, it is a cleansing, calming focused breathing technique. If you practice deep belly breathing, and do what I call the 4 x 4 breath, every day, I promise you this alone can change your life.

This conscious way of breathing will go a long way towards preventing anxiety attacks and as an added bonus create a calm and peaceful mind.  Click To Tweet

Step 2- Yes, if you are becoming seriously ill coping with anxiety you should see your doctor. There could be an underlying physical reason why your body is over producing adrenaline and it is prudent to check it out.

Step 3- in coping with anxiety is to be honest with yourself. Before beating yourself up, wondering why you are not coping with anxiety well, take a step back. Knowledge is power. This step is about understanding your anxiety. Try keeping a record of when your anxiety attacks occur and see if you can identify the triggers. Coping with anxiety is usually about some fear you have that forces your body to react as if it’s under threat. The fear may not be obvious which is where several of the techniques I teach work well with the Law of Attraction.

Step 4

Make a gratitude list. This may seem like an odd suggestion – but when you are coping with anxiety- it feels as if there is nothing much good in your life. Shifting your focus away from fear and dissatisfaction towards good things to be grateful for is therapeutic. If you like, see it as a balancing act- you are adding good things to the scale of life- to outweigh the perceived bad things. Feeling gratitude is very healing and when you learn to keep your attention on the “good” you’ll notice your anxiety decreasing.

Step 5 in coping with anxiety is learning to live in the present moment. Many panic attacks occur because of future fears- as yet unrealized but occupying your thoughts. Some anxiety is rooted deeply in past pain, past failure, past hurt and anger. Learning to be completely in the present moment or as Ram Dass has said “Be here now” can help you deal with anxiety because when you are fully present you simply accept what is.  That’s when life begins to work with you and for you.

If you want to stop just coping with anxiety you need to learn to employ deep breathing techniques at the very start of panic or anxiety.  Better yet, plan on breathing deeply such as my 4 X 4 breath a few times a day.  That practice alone can change your life because when you feel panic or anxiety you will remember to breathe.

Simply the practice of breathing deeply a few times a day will cause your mood to improve and your anxiety to lower.  Click to tweet

You will be more able to notice your thoughts and choose to focus on what you love about your life.   I’m not saying that this a quick fix, but it absolutely can help.  You may need medication and professional support if your anxiety is really interfering with your life. What I am saying is that coping with anxiety can be made a lot less painful if you can learn to practice some of these Law of Attraction principles. The Law of Attraction is not just about getting what you want in a material sense. It is a way of looking at life that can bring you happiness, peace of mind.

Well, I want to help you..in a practical way

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