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Communication, Soul Language and The Law of Attraction

Communication and the language you’re really speaking

 “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ― Mahatma Gandhi   Click to Tweet

How often do you feel slightly uncomfortable knowing you’re not really being the you that you know you are?

You know those times when you get a clear sign of your deeper values, your actual needs and desires but you veto them in favor of the things you feel pressured to do or be. Have you noticed how, when you feel that way, your communication gets messed up?

If you’ve struggled with the Law of Attraction and feel like it’s just not working for you then pay attention.  If you’re not in complete alignment, in other words if you think one thing, do another thing and wish for something altogether different you’re giving the universe mixed messages. The universe needs clear communication if you want it to understand what you truly want!

Think of being in a restaurant and giving the waitress your order.  She says What can I bring you today?”

And you say something like “Well, I feel like having breakfast, but it’s dinner time so perhaps I will have some chicken but then again eggs come from chickens so I could order eggs cause I kinda want breakfast but what will the other diners think of me eating breakfast at dinner and anyway if I have eggs I don’t like them without cheese and the doctor just told me to cut down on saturated fat so I better not have cheese.  Waitress, can you come back in a minute?”  Can you see how you haven’t put in an order? Can you see how you just totally failed at communication?

Communication and The Law of Attraction

Well trying to use the Law of Attraction when you’re really confused about what you want, vs what you’re supposed to want and how it’s going to look to others will never work in your favor.  Your order isn’t clear and that’s pretty much what it is. It’s your order to the Universe.

The Law of Attraction needs clear communication to work.  Click to Tweet 

It’s pretty obvious when it comes to ordering at a restaurant that you give the waiter a clear idea of what you want. That is if you expect to get it.  Well it’s exactly the same with life and what other analogy could be easier to understand?

You want eggs right? You know it’s dinner but you’re strong enough to withstand the possible judgment of others (lol) and decide to fly in the face of ridicule and order them anyway. Now you decide not to have the cheese that you may really want but you choose in favor of your health. Clear right? Now you must decide what kind of bread you want. You clearly feel like enjoying a decadent biscuit loaded with butter and give in to that temptation and even order a side of preserves with it.  You sit back and smile in anticipation knowing that you’ve placed a very clear order, you fully expect to receive exactly what you’ve asked for.

Could using the Law of Attraction be that simple?  Well yes and no.  Clearly the decisions, goals and values for our life are more long term and important than ordering a single meal, but the process is much the same.

First get very clear on what you want and be sure that you feel comfortable with getting it.  Be honest with yourself. Can you be okay with wanting or “ordering” something that others may judge you for? Can you order something that YOU WANT, not what your mother wants for you?  I hope you can say yes because that’s the beginning of getting into sync with yourself. That is the start of being able to use communication properly with the Law of Attraction.

Now fill in the details.  What does this look like? What does it feel like to have it? What are the side dishes that go along it and if you don’t like those sides what would you like to replace them with?

Good, now clearly formulate your order on paper knowing that you are comfortable with it in body, mind and spirit.  Use a well known type of affirmation such as the I Am and follow with a written statement of having what you want in the present tense.  Now follow up by saying it and feeling the way you would feel as if it had actually happened. Learn more about affirmations here.

Go ahead, try it with ordering breakfast for lunch.  After all, what do you have to lose?

My radio guest this week, Jennifer Urezzio, has taken this form of communication- knowing what you truly want and being able to express it- to another level. She has identified that we all have a soul language- if we only recognize it and tap into it.

Go listen to my fascinating interview with her on the topic, here…


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