The Power of Visualization…NOW!

Happiness First- the Power of Visualization…NOW!

My new book is published on Amazon!

Some time ago a client asked me about using the power of visualization to manifest her desires. She said that she wanted to be happy and,  “If only I could see what I wanted, if only I had…I would be happy” is what she said.big book 4 title

I had published a quick guide to Visualization – and this is FREE to my subscribers, but many had asked for a more in depth approach to using visualization in particular situations and at a more advanced level. The result of these requests is my book, “Happiness First- the Power of Visualization…NOW” 

For many, visualization seems difficult, out of reach and certainly, some of my clients felt that they did not know how to do visualization “properly”. Others do not truly understand the power of visualization to manifest your desires and how to “see” your way forward.

For those of you struggling to find happiness, let me say, if you can “see it” you can make it happen; that is the power of visualization

My book gives you the tools, the methods and the reasoning behind using visualization to get what you want. Perhaps you are worrying about your weight, your relationships, needing to alleviate stress or simply want to get better at your favorite sport?

Whatever area of your life you feel is impeding your happiness; visualization can help you to remove the blocks and move forward towards a happier, healthier more content you.

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  Learn how to use the power of visualization to achieve your   desires

What “Happiness First- the Power of Visualization…NOW” includes

What is the power of visualization? – Clear no nonsense explanation
Why use visualization? – If it is good enough for Olympic athletes…
How to use the power of visualization- Simple, straightforward steps to visualizing your dreams
The absolute MUST DO steps to take before using visualization- if you don’t do these – it won’t work!!
Advanced Visualization techniques- increase the power!
The Invisible Counselors technique- as used by Napoleon Hll
Visualization to alleviate stress
Get rid of bad habits using visualization
Visualization to improve your game
Handle difficult relationships and rekindle love- using visualization

    Buy “Happiness First- the Power of Visualization…NOW” the book on Amazon


Do let me know what you think of the book – please leave a review on Amazon.



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