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Being Happy, 133 Ways to Be Happy!

Being Happy Advice From Around the World

I am always being asked, is there a trick to being happy? I’m asked because I am a happy person; I know what to do when I feel down and I choose happiness as the way I want to live my life. So, no there is no trick to being happy, but you can learn how to choose happiness! It takes a shift in your energy field and much of my work as a coach and Law of Attraction expert is spent on helping clients to make that shift. This can be a long process for some, but the way I work they get very fast results at the start to help them on their journey!

I thought I would share with you some good articles on Being Happy, and yes I have also included links to some of mine! However, people perceive happiness in different ways, so here goes- 15 articles and 133 ways to Being Happy!

1. 9 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Feel Happier Today

…positive psychologists have long believed that happiness is actually a quality that can be cultivated — a habit, or series of habits that can be practiced.

2. 8 Scientifically-Backed Ways to Feel Happier Right Now

…direct interactions with others—whether it be over the phone or face-to-face—actually helped people to feel better over time.

3. 21 Smart Ways To Feel Happier Right Now

Research shows that mindfulness and meditation can have a ton of cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits

If being happy is a “state of mind” then it makes sense to calm the negative mind and practice contentment- I am very aware of this and practice meditation regularly- especially when faced with a challenge! Try one of my meditations to help you calm that negative chatter in your head!

4. 10 Things Happy People Don’t Believe

Happy people know the secret to happiness is accepting themselves–flaws and all. It’s okay to work on improving yourself–we’re always in a state of learning–but it’s not okay to berate yourself for your flaws.

58 Tips for Feeling Happier During an Unhappy Time

Re-frame an event to see the positive along with the negative.

Being happy does not mean a constant state of blissful ignorance of sad occasions! Sometimes things go wrong and bad things happen. How you view those negatives is what determines how you get back to being happy!


6. 5 Ways to Feel Happier Right Now

..up to 40% of individual variation in happiness is shaped by intentional behaviors—the things we do every day, moment to moment. These behaviors have the potential to diminish or enhance our happiness.

Psychology studies are saying that we do have control over being happy – we can shape our happiness- as I have said we can choose happiness each and every day by how we behave.

7. 3 Simple Ways to Feel Happy

One of the most efficient and easiest ways to increase your happiness levels is to constantly think, express and write down all that you are grateful for.

When you remember what you are grateful for it puts things in perspective- we all too easily take for granted our great kids, our warm beds, our affectionate pets and need to keep these wonderful blessings in the front of our minds! Practice gratitude and the universe responds!

8. 3 Things You Can Do To Feel Happier, Right Now

Any challenge, whether it’s becoming a happier you or dropping a bad habit, gets much easier and gives more lasting results if you focus on the positive aspect of the situation (what you should do) as opposed to the negative (what you shouldn’t do).

Remember we attract what we are, not what we want- so living in a negative state attracts more negativity. I know that focus on the positive is hard sometimes, but focusing on positive solutions and actions can keep us from that hamster wheel of whirling negative self-talk!


9. Feeling Sad? Try These 5 Ways to Feel Happy Instead

…the second precondition for enduring happiness — accepting that there are things you can’t change.

Acceptance doesn’t mean you should be passive. It is simply an acknowledgment of how things are even if we don’t like them.

Acceptance is not giving up- many worry that by accepting things they have thrown in the towel! No, acceptance is a state of letting go of those things over which you have no control. Not wasting your energy on changing that which you cannot influence.

10. 8 Life-Changing Lessons From TED Talks on How to Be Happy

First, we’re usually wrong about what will make us happy–or unhappy, for that matter. For example, research has demonstrated that people who win the lottery are no happier about that event one year later than if they’d lost the use of their legs instead. And second, happiness is largely a matter of choice.

I love this article because it also links to the talks given and some of them are just awesomely inspiring! I also find it interesting that being happy is clearly of such importance and certainly I find that with all of my clients.

11. The 15 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

…a little treat and consistency now and then can go a long way for your happiness while you make plans for your big goals.

Yes, it IS OK to treat yourself! Science says so! Joking aside, being kind to yourself is part of happiness and part of acknowledging that you deserve to be happy.


12. Strategies for Happiness: 7 Steps to Becoming a Happier Person

Holding a grudge and nursing grievances can affect physical as well as mental health, according to a rapidly growing body of research. One way to curtail these kinds of feelings is to foster forgiveness….

Being able to cultivate forgiveness does take practice! Our litigious society seems to encourage holding a grudge and making somebody “pay for it”. This is rather sad and rarely does it foster happiness. Being happy acknowledges that sometimes others will make us feel sad, angry, hurt. Learning to forgive is a necessary part of our healing.

13. 10 Common Mistakes That Prevent You From Being Happy and Healthy Today, Backed by Science

From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, do you ever take 15 minutes to just sit and breathe?

Taking time to breathe, simply breathe and connect with yourself is a crucial part of being happy. Stilling those loud voices gives you recharge time and is good for your overall health!

14. How to be Happy in Life? 10 Tips to Make Joy Your Companion

A thought in your head or an emotion within you determines the nature of your experience right now.

I challenge my clients to consider what they are thinking when they say that being happy is impossible! There is a great quote by Shakespeare

..for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

My approach to this is to help clients understand their inner critic– that negative voice whose sole purpose seems to be taking away our chance at happiness! Instead, harness the inner observer and steer your thoughts, change your direction towards happiness.

15. Happiness is a Choice

My own article about choosing happiness!

So, there you have it- 15 articles and 133 suggestions on being happy. Disclaimer!! Yes, some of these ways are repeated…and I would argue that where you find several people telling to you Smile; Be Grateful; Practice Acceptance; Choose Happiness…then maybe, just maybe there is some strong evidence that this is good advice???

However, people see being happy in very different ways and I have tried to share with you articles coming from different perspectives.

I do understand that sometimes life gets tough and challenging and being happy seems an unattainable goal in the midst of a crisis. However, I also believe that if you learn and practice key techniques, that even in the midst of darkness you can find sunshine. Watch out for the release of my new online course on Happiness first- previously only available as a private coaching course- I will be releasing it soon for everyone!

In the meantime- feel free to share your own tips on being happy in the comments below


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  1. Michele
    Michele August 16, 2015 at 7:28 PM #

    ALL of the articles are awesome. Thank you for collecting then all in one place! I AM HAPPY!!!

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