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Attract Love and Enjoy 2016!

Do you dread the approach of the holidays? Does the thought of New Year’s fill you with dread? While all around you are celebrating do you feel like the Grinch in the corner, feeling sorry for yourself and alone? Many of my clients, successful happy people feel a misery descend at the thought of the holiday season. The rest of the year they are oh so busy, working hard, having great holidays, enjoying their successful lives. Yes, they date, they go out for nice meals but they have nobody of any “significance” in their lives. This is fine for most of the year, but somehow Christmas and especially New year’s through to Valentine’s day is a sad time for them.  They realize they really want to attract love, real love, lasting love into their lives and it can be a busy time of year for me!

Can you relate to this? Do you want to attract love into your life and get 2016 off to a great start? Understand that your thoughts create your reality and they are charged by your emotions. If you think of your thoughts as things, powered by your feelings and emotions- it makes sense to become aware of those thoughts and see what you are putting out there into the universe.

My radio show this week is about How to attract Love in 7 steps  so this post will expand on that with some helpful tips to attract love into your life.

I always ask my Law of Attraction clients what they “think” they truly want…and then after we have talked a while, I ask them what they now “know” they really want. Let me explain…

  1. You Cannot Attract Love without Knowing Yourself

True love, lasting love is dependent on two people coming together; sometimes wanting the same things but they can have different aspirations. What MUST be the same for it to truly work is having similar values. Before you can attract love that will last into your life you need to understand your own value system. I find some clients saying they want to attract love, perfect love that will last; but they only date “bad boys”. They are forever complaining that the man in their life won’t change…of course he won’t! If you go into a relationship thinking you can “fix” the other person, it is doomed to fail. This is where your values do not match those of the partner and you are trying to mold the other person into your ideal. Be honest with yourself- what are your own values, what morals, ethics, aspects of a person are truly important…and do NOT include what they look like! When you understand what is truly important to you then you will start to attract someone who matches that


2. Let go of past thinking about relationships, attract love in the present

We all think we know what we want, sometimes we get it and it is a BIG disappointment. You date that tall, handsome lifeguard and find yourself, laughing at his short, balding friend’s jokes far more often! In your head, you equate tall and handsome with perfect love. In fact, laughing yourself silly and feeling appreciated is actually what your heart wants. Stop thinking in terms of magazine versions of perfect love. Stop rewinding back to prom night and what was seen as an “acceptable” date. Stop dreaming about the “perfect” guy or gal that got away, get right back to the present. Enjoy every smile sent your way by each person you meet, young, old, tall, short, fat and thin.

Respond to those smiles and lift your own heart. Connecting with people in the present is far more important than regretting lost loves. If you keep looking back you are gonna miss that wonderful person right under your nose!

3. Stop putting off love, because you are too busy.

Generally speaking the universe sends you what you want when you signal you are ready for it. Unconsciously we send out “keep off” signals, “not now” even when we are saying we want to attract love- our thoughts and emotions are pushing the possibility away. In fact this is pretty destructive for all our relationships, family and friends as well as potential romance. Take a deep breath and stop, look around you and marvel at the awesome relationships you already have. Your parents, siblings, extended family, work friends, old college friends, neighbors etc. Invest some positive energy into those relationships and be GRATEFUL for them. Include the affection from your pets in this list of things to be grateful for. Learn to appreciate what is, and what may be will follow. This may be hard for you to accept- but love takes a bit of practice! If you are out of the habit of love, the universe may be a bit reluctant to send it your way. Love comes in many forms, start with the love of family and friends, practice, appreciate, be grateful for it and it shifts your energy. You then radiate “I know how to love” vibes and you attract love.

If you are too busy for the people in your life who already love you, how will you find time to love someone new? You have to make time in your life and if you keep pushing this away, then stop complaining about not attracting love- because clearly you don’t really want it! You need to get conscious about what you really want, and maybe right now, work is more important- be honest with yourself about this.

If you want to learn more about how to attract love into your life then you can check out my 3 Steps to Love system.

Make sure you listen to my radio show and check out other love posts to give you more ideas.


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