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Angels are Around You- Sparkles of Light

Can You See the Angels Around You?

I am standing at the end of the aisle in the store. My attention completely captured by the beautiful  statue sitting on the shelf just above my head. If I stand up on my tiptoes, I can see her more clearly, my eyes drawn to every little detail. Her golden hair tied up in pigtails. Her long white dress trimmed at the bottom with an orange frill. She has a childlike face with freckles and kind mischievous eyes. She’s smiling at me, and I love the beautiful golden wings on her back. As I stand there admiring her, I feel a gentle, cool breeze blow across my cheek, as if someone is there close beside me, whispering softly.


My Mom walks up to my side to see what I am so earnestly looking at. “Another Angel statue”, she says. “Yes, isn’t she beautiful. Can I buy her, please!” I say excitedly. “You already have some at home.” she says. “I know.” I say, my big brown eyes pleading with her. Mom smiles at me and says “Ok, but this is the last one.” She picks up the little angel statue and hands it to me. “Now be careful. Don’t drop her.” “I won’t”, I say, cradling the Angel in my hands, hugging her close to me.

At the checkout counter the sales assistant smiles and she wraps the little Angel statue in layers of cream tissue paper to protect her. “Have a nice day.” she says as we leave. When we get home I carefully unwrap each layer of the tissue paper gently. Then picking the Angel up delicately I place her on my dressing table, where I can easily see and admire her often. As I sit there gazing at her I feel someone gently rustle my hair playfully. I spin around quickly to see who is there, but there is no one. As I turn back around, from the corner of my eye I see tiny sparkling lights flicker around my little Angel statue. They are gone again as quickly as they appeared, but I know that I saw them.

Angels communicate in different ways

Throughout my life I have seen those sparkles of light on many occasions. I have come to associate them with one of the many ways that the Angels let me know that they are near. When I was young I was afraid to tell anyone what I saw, in case they would think I was crazy. But I have since learned to trust those sparkles of light that I see, knowing that they are simply one of the ways that the Angels have chosen to communicate with me.

The Angels are beings of pure love and light energy, and whatever your belief system is, if you call on them for help, they will be there instantly. Their deepest wish is for us all to live, happy, joyful and fulfilled lives. They can assist you with any aspect of your life that you require. If there is a life lesson for you to learn in a particular situation, they can help you to see clearly so that you can make the best decisions and choices for yourself. The Angels work in alignment with the Universe to resolve issues in sometimes very surprising and unusual ways for the best possible outcome.

We all have free will and the Angels are not permitted to interfere with that in any way. The only time that they will intervene, without our permission, is if we are in mortal danger and it isn’t our time to go. Hence the amazing stories of how people escape death so miraculously, very often completely unharmed.

Angels protect you

I myself know very well the power of angelic intervention in a dangerous situation. Early one very cold December morning I had just left home. As I turned right onto the main road outside our house I felt the car sliding a bit on the road. I realised that there was black ice on the road, so dangerous because you can’t see it. It’s only when you drive into it, that you realise it’s there. I managed to straighten the car up and was driving slowly along. I could see the headlights of an oncoming car in the distance on the other side of the road. I must have driven into a particularly bad patch of black ice at that point because the car started to slide right across the road and into the path of the oncoming car. I knew that if I hit my brakes I would completely lose all control of the car, and I also knew that the driver in the other car had no hope of being able to stop either. In that instant I remember saying out loud “Angels, please help me now!” Miraculously my car instantly glided safely back to the correct side of the road, straightening up again, just as the oncoming car drove safely past me. I was able to continue driving to work without any further incident, much to my relief. Needless to say I thanked the Angels for protecting me that morning. I know how lucky I was, and I know that the Angels were with me.

We all have a Guardian Angel who is with us always throughout our lifetime. When we invite the Angels into our lives, even more Angels come to be at our side.  Personally, I am aware on a constant basis of the magic that they weave into my life. If you do decide to let the Angels into your life, you will never regret it. All you have to do is simply ask them and they will be there. You can ask your Angel for a sign to let you know that they are listening. Don’t specify what sign you want, let your Angel decide. It may be a feather in an unusual place, a coin, butterfly, bird or rainbow that you will see. But you will know that it’s from your Angel. You may even see tiny, sparkling lights from the corner of your eye!

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