all you need is love

All You Need is Love

Is it possible that all you need is love?

I’m sure it was said before, but my first memory of that statement was by The Beatles in John Lennon’s song All you Need is Love.  Did any of us know what that really meant?  It sounded good, but was it possible that all you really need is love? I didn’t understand that possibility, but I enjoyed the words anyway.

Wayne Dyer says, you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.  The Law of Attractions says, that you attract at the same level as the frequency in which you are vibrating. The Power of Positive Thinking and Think and Grow Rich, two classic books that teach manifestation techniques, both state that what you think, visualize and feel is what you’ll see show up in your life.

There is no higher frequency than love

Doesn’t it make sense to align yourself with the vibration and feeling of love?  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone were to look inside of you and say all you need is love and she/he’s got plenty of it?

So often we know what we’re supposed to do, but we don’t always  know how to do it, or we know how and we just aren’t in the mood. We just don’t feel like it at the moment.  Especially when not feeling particularly loving. That’s when you could really say all you need is love, and mean it. Now what do you do?

Notice what you’re feeling

The first thing I’d caution you against would be fighting your feelings.  Instead, congratulate yourself on noticing your feelings.  That’s the first step and it’s powerful. Fighting a feeling won’t help. As a matter of fact whatever you are feeling at the moment will fight back harder and most often the feeling you want to rid yourself of will win.

In order to know what you’re feeling, especially before it completely runs away with you and you find yourself unconscious and completely out of control, is to check in with yourself regularly. Just ask yourself what you’re feeling, and notice your body. The body is a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom and can let you know how you’re feeling long before your intellect does.  Then acknowledge the feeling you’re having and take a nice deep belly breath. Keep taking nice deep breaths until you find your mind quieting down.

Once you notice what you’re feeling you can redirect toward a feeling that you want. A feeling that empowers you.

Stockpile Loving Feelings

The best thing you can do is to stockpile a bunch of times in your life that you felt loving.  Times when you felt loved and people, places and events that you feel loving towards.  This is your bag of tools.  Every time you find yourself short on that glorious feeling of love, simply notice what you are feeling.  Take a nice deep diaphragmatic breath and bring out your list.

Title your list “All You Need is Love & I Have Plenty of It”, so that every time you look at your list you see those words and you begin to bring yourself into alignment with that concept and feeling.

Lorane Gordon

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5 Responses to All You Need is Love

  1. Shirley Newman November 20, 2013 at 10:21 PM #

    What a wonderful way to jump start the day….so insightful and inspiring!!

  2. Michele Penn
    Michele Penn November 18, 2013 at 3:41 AM #

    Excellent blog!!!!! Excellent Successful Sunday Start!! I love it. Thank you for your wonderful insight. I am going to do exactly what you suggested 🙂 Peace and love to you. What an amazing spirit you have.


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