Happiness First – The Power of Visualization…NOW!


Do you want to be able to bring happiness into your life? Using the power of visualization you can change bad habits, alleviate stress, learn how to stick to that diet or exercise program and successfully achieve what you want in your life. This book will guide you through the steps to successful visualization in simple, easy to understand terms. If the Law of Attraction is not working for you then you need this book!

Product Description

Learn how to harness the power of visualization to bring happiness into your life. Change those bad habits; lose that weight; improve your game and your relationships and alleviate the stress in your life! Follow Lorane’s simple steps to finally use visualization successfully to manifest your desires. If you can “See it” you can achieve it. Visualization techniques are employed by Olympic athletes to improve their performance; by business people to “see” that deal closed and by many ordinary people to help achieve their goals.

The Power of Visualization is now available to you- in a way you can understand and start putting to work for you, today, NOW.


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