Pain Body Release MP3 Teaching & 2 Guided Meditations

Pain Body Release MP3 Teaching & 2 Guided Meditations

We are all programmed to carry pain energy. Walk with me as I guide you to find and release those places within that have collected this destructive energy.

Once you learn to release your pain body, you’ll feel lighter, be happier, and have the energy to enjoy and accomplish more than ever before.

“I had never heard of the pain body release before and wasn’t sure if it would help me. Wow, it sure did. First of all, the teaching was fantastic. Lorane explained so clearly all about my pain body. I learned why my moods fluctuate into discomfort or unhappiness and where my knee jerk reactions come from. I then listened to the first meditation . . . I felt so much better. Then, I listened to the second mediation and the depth that I was able to go really released some painful old memories. I was amazed. I think everyone can benefit from this.”

– Michelle Penn, April 7, 2014

“I was feeling really down about things that had happened so long ago that I just couldn’t let go of and Lorane’s guided meditations freed me! I am no longer running over these things in my mind over and over again…and the discomfort in my body associated with those thoughts is gone. Just miraculous.

Lorane, thank you so much creating these journeys!!”

Toni Pace

April 7, 2014

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