Baxter, Baxter, Baxter! Yesterday I found him sitting on my chair in front of my computer, paws on keyboard. Although very cute it took me 30 minutes to straighten out the actual changes he made to my screen!error-101405_640

Today after feeding him and my other pup KiKi breakfast, concerned because they don’t seem to be enjoying their very expensive brand of organic raw food I’ve been giving them, I ran my errands.
I spend 1/2 hour in the specialty pet store discussing doggy nutrition and finally picked out a food that I only hoped they would like.
Coming home starved, because, oh by the way the one who never got fed was me, I prepared a fruit plate with cottage cheese.
I went into the other room to get some water to drink and came back to find lil Baxter happily enjoying my lunch.
Oh well, I’m trying to cut calories anyway.

Live Your Life in Happiness,
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