IMG_1194What a wonderful day today was.

Harry’s father’s day gift is our brand new puppy Baxter.  We’ve been waiting to adopt him with bated breath and voila, the right puppy appeared. We are so lucky!

We took the one and a half hour drive home and he slept the entire way without a peep.  Harry went into the house to give KiKi some attention and brought her outside to meet the newest family member in the back yard.  Baxter was the perfect gentleman while KiKi sniffed suspiciously and was a bit annoyed.  This was exactly what I expected although Harry, the forever optimist thought KiKi would become an immediate mom.  Sorry Harry, it doesn’t work that way. Gotta give a girl a moment.

For the grand finale I put the little boy onto the grass and he immediately piddled! Damn what a smart dog!! I’m in love…..

I have another dog and she is adorable too. her name is Kiki and I will post some pictures of her soon.

Live your Life in Happiness!

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