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Lorane GordonHi there, my name is Lorane Gordon and I am an expert in the Law of Attraction and Present Moment Awareness. I’m the founder of “Happiness First. Riches will follow…” and “Your Happiness Way”.  I have spent practically my whole life as a seeker and teacher and I’m an inspirational coach who has had the fortune to help hundreds of people find their happiness. However, my role as wife and mother is equally important to me and I am blessed to have been married for over 34 years to a wonderful man, Harry and have a fabulous son, Cameron who is married to our beautiful Bethany. I enjoy living in sunny California surrounded by my favorite tree the California Oak. This blog is my personal blog where I will share with you my life, the fun things that happen and my observations as they come to me! I hope you enjoy the posts, the videos and the pictures. My teachings on Happiness, the Law of Attraction and Present Moment Awareness can be found on Your Happiness Way. Feel free to comment below or drop me a line – my details can be found on my contact page.

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Delegating and a Balance 

I’ve never had too much trouble delegating work.  As a matter of fact that was demonstrated to me at a very early age. Both of my parents had others doing work for them. I am noticing that, though I have a wonderful team of people helping me with my business...

Master Mind -Mine is the Best

I was a bit reticent to attend my master mind event last week for a few reasons.  1.  I had a lot of undone work to be finished 2.  I had to choose between this and another group I’m part of 3. It’s never easy leaving Harry & the pups even if only for...

My Little Monster Bax

Harry and I have a custody agreement even though we’re happily together.  I care for the dogs Monday through Friday and Harry kind of takes over on the weekends.  I find myself telling Harry what a little monster our darling 6 month old Baxter is. Of course...

Everything at Once!

I’m so excited to be attending my Master Mind event next week, but a bit sad that I can’t attend another event I really want to go to. Both of them are business oriented, but there are loads of wonderful creative people at each event. Making a decision and...


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