Today, while looking at my outdoor plants, knowing that the warm southern California weather requires almost daily watering, I noticed myself feeling a bit rushed and put upon.  Like so many of you I’m quite busy and in my case it’s helping others to feel happiness and create success in their lives.  Well, of course that means I must walk my talk.

So, as I was watering my plants, seeing my dogs getting their paws wet as they frolicked in the fall out water I again noticed myself feeling annoyed.  Words like “great another mess for me to clean up, etc.”.  As I was reeling in the hose the thought occurred to me how lucky I am to have water to give to my plants, how lucky I am to have plants to give water to, how lucky I am to have a yard to put my plants in and how lucky I am to see my dogs playfully enjoying their time outdoors.

That’s what I teach, refocus to gratitude for what you do have rather than giving your attention to petty annoyances.  This works even if you see these problems as bigger than life.  Always find something to feel grateful for.


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