Today was Baxter’s first vet appointment and I brought KiKi along for a check up as well. A new pup can bring parasites into the house so I had to bring lovely little samples of “you know what” to be analyzed for possible problems.  Baxter being the gentleman he is was gracious enough to leave a sample for me in the family room. Such a good dog.

Kiki a bit depressed

Kiki a bit depressed!

My vet is holistic and practices the best of both western and eastern medicine. She took one look at KiKi and proclaimed her VERY ANGRY as she had a purple tongue displaying overt disturbance.  Well, I couldn’t tell her tongue was purple but I certainly know she’s not a happy camper based on the way she growls and charges the little one.  Kiki got an acupuncture treatment and left there quite relaxed and happily slept all the way home.

Baxter was pronounced a very healthy puppy. Now we wait for the results of the “samples”.



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