Walking my talk is always meaningful. After all, if I’m not in integrity I could never do what I do and yes it can be challenging at times.  For example being grounded for 5 hours while trying to get home from visiting our son and daughter in law in Chicago. First the flight was cancelled, then it was on again, then while waiting to board there was lightening and thunder and the flight was canceled again.Lightning_over_city

We were told to wait and not leave the airport on the off chance the weather would clear. Clear it did and we boarded the plane only to sit strapped in our seats for THREE hours.  Oh yes, sometimes walking my talk can be a challenge!

Anyway, all wasn’t lost as I ended up making friends and having a laugh with a nearby passenger. I’m grateful for the adorable 13 year old sitting across the aisle from me who gave me lots of technology “how to’s” that I really needed.  

All in all it was a pretty great trip and an educational flight home.

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